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Excavator Maintenance Checklist

Written by: Bobcat Australia
Posted on: 4 Feb 2020
Topic: General News

6 Compact Excavator Maintenance Tips to
Boost Machine Performance

Unexpected compact excavator maintenance can place a financial strain and stress on you and your company, and it may directly impact your profitability. Preventive maintenance is critical to keeping your excavator and your business operating smoothly. Developing a planned maintenance schedule that includes these six tips will keep you, your operators and your compact machines on the job.

Tip 1 – Read the Operation & Maintenance Manual
Everything you need to know about your compact excavator is found in your Operation & Maintenance Manual. Get detailed information about the machine’s service schedules, maintenance points and much more.

Tip 2 – Understand proper fluid levels and correct filters
Using the correct fluids and lubricants can prevent expensive and unnecessary repairs. Changing filters at recommended intervals helps reduce potential system contamination and extend the life of core components.

Tip 3 – Check the battery
Compact construction machines constantly draw on the battery. Check your excavator’s battery before operation. If you disconnect the battery during the off-season, be sure the battery is fully charged before reconnecting it.

Tip 4 – Inspect the tracked undercarriage
Keep excavator tracks clear of debris to reduce wear and damage. Inspect tracks for signs of damage, and check rollers, idlers and drives for fluid leaks that could lead to more serious failure.

Tip 5 – Prepare attachments daily
Visually inspect hydraulic hoses, cylinders and guards on excavator attachments to check for damage or excessive wear before daily operation.

Tip 6 – Create a planned maintenance schedule
Prevent avoidable downtime and sudden, costly repairs by creating a planned maintenance (PM) contract with your dealer. A PM contract keeps your excavator operating on the jobsite by ensuring service is performed on schedule and at a convenient time. A PM contract with a planned maintenance schedule can extend the life of the equipment, minimize downtime and save you money over time.

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