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Bobcat Advantage: Which Loader Offers The Most Hydraulic Power?

Written by: Bobcat Australia
Posted on: 25 Sep 2019
Topic: General News

Bobcat Advantage
Which Loader Offers The Most Hydraulic Power?

Rarely does your machine perform one function at a time. For example, when you dig into a pile, you’re usually pushing, lifting and tilting all at the same time. This means your loader’s hydraulic system must be directed to multiple components. It’s the reason Bobcat ® loaders intelligently deliver the right amount of power to each component. That directly translates to more power and balanced performance. However, not every manufacturer designs machines the same way. Kubota ®, Caterpillar ®, Case ® and New Holland ® may perform one function well, but when it comes to components working together, they struggle.

Hydraulic Performance Overview
Hydraulic power needs to remain consistent, especially when demand changes as a loader performs different functions. Balancing this power throughout the machine contributes to more power and consistent performance. Everyone knows that taking on tough jobs requires equipment that consistently delivers power throughout multiple demands. Agile equipment streamlines your operation and improves your productivity.

Test Setup
For an accurate force measurement, we tested each loader using a calibrated load cell and the same bucket. In the test, the same operator pushed the loader toward the load cell while engaging the lift and tilt functions. The load cell measured the amount of total force, and our engineer captured the results for the final calculation.

Which Loader brand offers the most hydraulic power to match your project's demand?
See the results!

Test Results
After putting Bobcat, Kubota, Caterpillar Case and New Holland loaders to the test, we discovered that the Bobcat loader delivers up to 17 percent more power than other brands while pushing, lifting and tilting. For you, that means you’ll have the force to power each component of your loader.

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