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Bobcat Vibratory Roller

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48" Roller Bobcat Vibratory Roller - 48" Roller Enquire Now
73" Roller Bobcat Vibratory Roller - 73" Roller Enquire Now
80" Roller Bobcat Vibratory Roller - 80" Roller Enquire Now

The Bobcat Vibratory Roller is the ideal compacting tool for flatwork and asphalt patching jobs. The offset drum design allows you to get close to walls, pavements and curbs. Available in 48", 73" and 80" widths.


Get ready to tackle any uneven terrain and big jobs with the Bobcat vibratory roller attachment. The Bobcat vibratory roller hard-packs in either forward or reverse with the oscillation of the drum allows the roller to follow contours on uneven terrain, offering more precise control when operating on slopes. For more compact jobsites, the offset drum design allows for operating next to sidewalks, walls, and curbs. 

Designed for greater operator comfort, the isolation mounting system reduces vibration transferred to the operator, meaning less operator fatigue and more comfortable working conditions and a more packed jobsite. The vibrating action of the roller allows the base material to realign and compact from the bottom up. A hydraulic motor drives a centrifugal weight on the drum shaft that provides the compacting action.

It is the ideal attachment for site preparation operations, landscaping contractors, and paving operations. Easy to haul over the road, the vibratory roller is an agile jobsite attachment, delivering faster results in fewer passes.

Available in 48", 73" and 80" widths.


Bobcat Vibratory Roller Attachment

The high-performance, hard-packing Bobcat vibratory roller lets you compact flatwork, trenches and asphalt patching jobs while moving forward or in reverse. Watch it work!


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