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Bobcat Soil Conditioner

Product Code Product Title Product Price (inc GST)
48" Manual Bobcat Soil Conditioner - 48" Manual Enquire Now
72" Manual Bobcat Soil Conditioner - 72" Manual Enquire Now
72" Hydralic Bobcat Soil Conditioner - 72" Hydraulic Enquire Now
72" High Flow Bobcat Soil Conditioner - 72" High Flow Enquire Now
84" Hydraulic Bobcat Soil Conditioner - 84" Hydraulic Enquire Now
84" High Flow Bobcat Soil Conditioner - 84" High Flow Enquire Now

Prepare land and lay a good foundation with the Bobcat soil conditioner. The rotating drum is equipped with carbide-tipped teeth, which rip through clumps and penetrate soil. Available in 48", 72" and 84" widths.


With a larger displacement motor, direct drive, fully-welded frame and simple maintenance, the Bobcat Soil Conditioner is built tough. 

Carbide-tipped teeth on the drum easily rip through hardpan and pulverize clumps. Clumps are ground up, and rocks and other debris are windrowed to the edge of the jobsite. A rubber flap above the drum keeps larger material from going over the drum while allowing fine materials through for a smooth finish. The drum rotates in either direction to allow working in forward or reverse.

To level and grade a surface, lock the drum for a box blade effect, or place the drum in the float position to prepare the soil while following the contours of the terrain. Pulverize the soil while levelling and filling in fewer passes with the soil conditioner attachment making it a versatile and cost-effective attachment no landscaping crew should be without. 

Box blade end wings are standard to help move large amounts of material and fill in low spots. Remove the end wings to allow for even distribution of material.

An oscillating booster is standard on larger models. Oscillation keeps the drum parallel to the ground and helps minimize the effect of bumps and potholes, resulting in a smoother finish in fewer passes. The oscillating bolster combined with hydraulic depth and angle controls also make it easy to cut swales for drainage and to sculpt the land.

Available in 48", 72" and 84" widths.


Bobcat Soil Conditioner Attachment Overview

Prepare the land and lay a good foundation with the soil conditioner attachment. Watch it Work!


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