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Bobcat Stump Grinder Attachment

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Whether in large, open areas or small, compact environments, grind tree stumps into mulch with the powerful action of the Bobcat stump grinder attachment.


The Bobcat stump grinder make tree stump removal easy and is the ideal attachment for landscaping contractors, homeowners with acreage, campus facilities, municipalities, and rental contractors.

Designed for maximum operating capability, the Bobcat stump grinder mounts directly to the front of a carrier for easy maneuvering in tight areas and positioning exactly where grinding action is needed. Mounted at a 90-degree angle to the operator, the stump grinder offers increased visibility to the cutting area, giving the operator the same wide view as with any pull-behind grinder. 

Stumps are eliminated even more quickly when used with machines equipped with high flow hydraulics.


  • 90-Degree Angle Mount: Mounted at a 90-degree angle to the operator for increased visibility to the cutting area.
  • Auxiliary Hydraulics Operation: Operates off the carrier’s auxiliary hydraulics.
  • Carbide-Tipped Teeth: Efficiently rip through hard wood, providing long life and uptime protection for the attachment.
  • Front Mount System: Easier to maneuver into tight areas and deliver accurate grinding action and operation.
  • Unique Valve Design: Minimizes the cutting wheel from stalling while in the cut.
  • Rubber Deflecting Shields: Provide additional operator comfort and protection from wood chips.


Bobcat Stump Grinder Attachment

Take the work out of stump removal with a powerful Bobcat stump grinder attachment. Watch it work!


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