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Bobcat Breaker Attachment

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HB280 Bobcat Breaker Attachment - HB280 Enquire Now
HB680 Bobcat Breaker Attachment - HB680 Enquire Now
HB880 Bobcat Breaker Attachment - HB880 Enquire Now
HB980 Bobcat Breaker Attachment - HB980 Enquire Now
HB1180 Bobcat Breaker Attachment - HB1180 Enquire Now
HB1380 Bobcat Breaker Attachment - HB1380 Enquire Now
HB2380 Bobcat Breaker Attachment - HB2380 Enquire Now

Break through concrete, rock, and asphalt easily with the powerful force of the hydraulic Bobcat breaker attachment.


Turn your compact loader or excavator into a powerfully precise demolition machine with the hydraulic Bobcat breaker attachment.

The hydraulic breaker delivers maximum efficiency by matching hydraulic capacity of the carrier to the breaker, allowing consistent machine to breaker performance. It provides a quieter and smoother operation while still maintaining blows per minute.


  • Auto Power: Automatically regulates pressure, ensuring hydraulic breaker operation regardless of changes in outdoor temperature and delivering maximum performance.
  • Carrier Versatility: Quickly and easily switch the hydraulic breaker attachment from a loader to excavator.
  • Easy, Minimal Maintenance: Designed for minimum downtime, the internal power cell has fewer moving parts.
  • Energy Chamber with Diaphragm: The energy chamber keeps the nitrogen pressure constant that maintains attachment performance. No periodic charging required, making it virtually maintenance free.
  • Steel-Ring System: An innovative Bobcat feature, the steel ring system retains the tool bushing and protects the grease access and provides for quick tool changes.
  • Included Go/no-go Gauge: Allows operator to quickly verify three critical wear areas. Gauge tells operator whether components meet spec or not – no measuring required.


Bobcat Hydraulic Breaker Attachment

The hydraulic breaker attachment from Bobcat. Watch it Work!


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