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Bobcat Wheel Saw

Cut trenches for installing water, gas, electrical, utility and fiber-optic cable lines with the Bobcat wheel saw.

Powered by the carrier’s high-flow hydraulics, the wheel saw cuts through a variety of hard surfaces, including asphalt, concrete, rebar, frozen ground, wire mesh and other materials to produce a trench.

It offers minimal damage to the surrounding jobsite due to its ability to operate close to curbs and walls for a close cut and eliminates the mess of excavation.

It features a hydraulic motor which turns the carbide tipped wheel to cut material which then exits through openings on the side of the wheel saw as well as a hydraulic depth adjustment gauge that delivers a consistent, uniform cut depth.

It provides a more precise cut than air or hydraulic hammers and is easier to transport than dedicated machines, making it an ideal attachment for road repair crews and rental facilities.


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